Working with Tech Organizations That are In Start

Working with tech organizations that are in start-up or early stages is a niche Target Solutions has served for over 30 years. By focusing our attention in the technology sector, we have become experts in building the teams these companies need to launch and we work with them as they grow. But what is meant by Go-To-Market?

In short, Go-To-Market is defined as a strategy – a plan that details how an organization can engage with customers to convince them to buy their product or service and to gain a competitive advantage. A GTM strategy includes tactics related to pricing, sales, and channels, the buying journey, new product or service launches, product rebranding, or product introduction to a new market.

As you can imagine, building and executing a GTM strategy has a lot of moving parts – and requires the right people in key positions within the organization to carry it out. That’s where we come in

Knowing and understanding the vision of organizations we work for is a key element of helping to build these teams. Once we know what the goals and objectives are, we get to work on finding the right professionals to fill the right jobs and lead the GTM effort.

In our experience, there is a general assumption that early product teams or sales teams own Go-To-Market responsibilities, but it usually falls flat in the long term because the Go-To-Market process is not something that should happen by accident, or by volunteer. A Go-To-Market strategy must be owned and managed to be effective.

By preparing your company and teams with the right frameworks and making sure you’re building the right assets for the right customer and market — you’re almost always guaranteed long-term success. Or, at the very least, you’ll know exactly what your weaknesses are before a launch and can decide to re-prioritize product feature sets or add more capital to a specific part of the business or hold off completely.

In other words, you won’t be surprised by a launch that falls short. And you won’t be surprised by a successful launch if you’ve checked all the boxes.

But the question remains, what exactly IS Go-To-Market anyways?

Product marketers almost always own the Go-To-Market process, since so much of the role depends on cross-functional stakeholder management and ensuring that the right marketing assets are being built for the right customer at the right time.

However, they are usually not responsible for the success of a product launch. That responsibility is something that is uncovered during the GTM planning process, as a Product Marketer would create a flow chart so that all stakeholders know exactly what they are or are not responsible for.

Clearly, operations is a big part of the GTM function. And that is an area of focus we include when helping organizations build their teams. We are not simply looking at just the marketing or sales functions, but also those that are responsible for the inner workings of an organization. Ideally, GTM should serve as a mirror for the health of a company, minimizing any surprises along the way.

Are you in the process of launching a new organization, product, or something more? If you need help building your Go To Market team, Target Solutions can help.

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