We’ve done this for a long time. We know the intricacies of finding and placing professional talent – particularly in the constantly-evolving software industry. At Target Solutions, we serve two types of audiences: The Business Client and The Candidate. Our unparalleled insight, commitment and instincts are worth you taking a closer look.


Finding and retaining great sales talent is a big challenge for companies today. In most cases, rock star employees are happy in their current position and not actively looking for job opportunities. At Target Solutions, we use our charismatic approach, wealth of experience and high-caliber connections to appeal to even the most secure candidates. We know the recipe for landing these individuals. If you want candidates that produce month after month, raise the bar for your entire team, and open new doors for your business – let’s start the conversation.


Are you a top revenue producer? Do you know how to cultivate and manage sales masterminds? Do you find yourself exceeding your quotas month after month for less-than-ideal compensation? If so, Target Solutions wants to help you earn your worth.

Our team oversees exclusive career searches for businesses in the software industry. This means we are the only firm representing that specific job opening. These are premium career opportunities and often confidential – not even the company’s employees know of the push to hire. Target Solutions has gained the trust and ear of many leaders within the industry. We know how to professionally influence them to take a good look at a candidate. Our team understands exactly where to go to match the right skills with the right opportunity. When all is said and done, we place our candidates with companies where they can thrive personally, professionally and financially. If you’re looking to take the next step on your career path or just interested in seeing what possibilities lay on the horizon, let’s connect now.